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Hudiksvalls Hydraulics Cluster, comprises a joint effort between SMEs and large industry groups all situated in and around Hudiksvall – with a core of companies specialized in hydraulic applications. Hudiksvall has a long history of hydraulic innovation and is the birthplace of e.g. Voith Turbo Safeset, SMP Parts, Hiab, Sunfab, Huddig and OilQuick. HHK is a vertical collaboration platform with a mission to strengthen the competitiveness of the member companies and attract resources to the region by offering an inclusive, innovative environment to create cooperation. HHK works in fields of:

• Cooperation between industry and academia
• Commercialization of innovations
• Internationalisation and market development
• Marketing of existing products
• R&D-driven technology and product development
• Skills development and skills sourcing
• Driving regional development

HHK in short

News from HHK Members

Hydraulics make us superheroes. Using hydraulic principles, we can move heavy objects by applying relatively small forces. In fact, they’re such smart principles, they’ve inspired our whole business philosophy. 

The idea of a formal collaboration was sown in 2012, in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. With an open and entrepreneurial approach typical for the area, the tech industry in and around Hudiksvall, posed the question:

"What would happen if several world-leading technology companies in a very small town all worked together to solve problems and share knowledge across borders? Would the whole indeed be greater than the sum of its parts?"

In answer to this question, HHK (Hudiksvalls Hydraulikkluster) was born in 2013. 

By working locally as a close team, we can make a huge impact globally. Our customers get to draw on the experience of hundreds of our different specialists that share their knowledge to create better products across business borders. Our employees can access a well of knowledge that goes far beyond just one company. They are part of a network of innovation and community spirit that allows us to focus our force so it’s felt across the world.

We like to call it the HHK-Method.
Its basis is: 

Local Strength.
Global Power.


Our HHK Members are growing their businesses rapidly. Thanks to this transformation there is a constant influx of new additions to our network, and to Hudiksvall – from engineers to innovations!

Things are happening in Hudiksvall and we are always on the lookout for new network additions – be they new member customers, HHK Members; fresh ideas or exceptional talent.

Contact us today to find out more about business opportunities and/or a future career in one of our HHK Member companies.

Enjoy Hälsingland,
the Heart of Sweden